The District of Life is a weekly outreach in the red-light districts of Quito. The team distributes hot beverages, food, and prayer for anyone who would like it. The goal of the program is connection and transformation through relationship. Our team steps out into the frontlines of rejected communities in order to connect with isolated people. They are an unexpected spectacle as they walk through the red-light district seeking to remind people that they are worthy of love. This program offers the support needed to be able to leave and start a new way of life. If anyone requests support, the District of Life team connects them with Casa Mis Sueños’ rehabilitation project, Proyecto Mis Sueños (Dream Project).    4 years ago, we met Ana, a woman caught in a situation of prostitution.  After helping her for a short time, we lost contact with her. A few months later, we saw her again, but she was not in the streets! She told us about her dream to own a small nail salon. Unfortunately, she had terrible pain in her back that kept her bedridden for days at a time. She had to leave her work as a nanny, but she had resolved that she would not go back to the streets! With our help, she is now seeing good doctors to diagnose the problem. It is beautiful to see the justice of heaven on earth. We continue to believe in the provision of God, his faithfulness, and his love, as we continue to do our part.
          The Freedom Projects are a weekly outreach in the girls and boys juvenile detention centers, with thirty residents in the girl’s center and one hundred and thirty residents in the boy’s center. The Freedom Project teams visit each detention center once a week to teach about them about the Bible, play games, worship, and pray with the youth. The Freedom Project offers incarcerated youth needed skills to access opportunities once they leave the prisons. If the girls want extra support as they transition out of prison, the Freedom Project team connects them with Casa Mis Sueños’ rehabilitation project, Proyecto Mis Sueños (Dream Project). Casa Mis Sueños believes un true restauration regardless of one's circumstances. That is why we have decided to invest in the future of these boys and girls who seek to have a restored life.

As of 2019 more than 20 young women have gone through the rehabilitation project, Proyecto Mis Sueños (Dream Project). Many of them have been able to finish their high school education and technical training, their dreams and goals have become real for them. One of these women used a knife to hurt someone and for this was detained. Through the help of the program, she graduated as the best student in her school of gastronomy. Now she has her own business selling delicious food and desserts. That which the enemy wanted to use to destroy her life, God transformed to bring restoration and provision.

Dream Project:

The Dream Project is an eighteen month rehabilitation program that operates out of an established safe-house. The program provides the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support necessary for women who have been sexually exploited or incarcerated. Through weekly recreational and vocational classes, biblical devotionals, and personal development activities, the program cultivates a space for these women to excel. The Dream Project aims to provide an atmosphere for holistic healing and growth. Our hope is to offer these women access to a livelihood that will protect them from ever being exploited again.
          “In this new season of my life, I see with more clarity the importance of receiving tools for healing, forgiveness, and healthy relationships. I asked that God would be the most important thing in my marriage. Thank you for not giving up on me.” Maria, after finishing Project Mis Sueños in 2018. (Maria was a victim of human trafficking, and her father forced her to sell drugs since she was a little girl).

         Agents of Change is our team responsible for training teams, leaders, churches, and volunteers. As well as churches in Ecuador and nations around the world that have partnered with us to bring Kingdom Justice to Ecuador. With Agents of Change we also accept mission teams, internships, and volunteers with Casa Mis Sueños. To learn more about the opportunities to partners with Casa Mis Sueños, please follow this link or select Agents of Change from the menu.

           This project was created out of a call to aid some of the most needy in our community. It is a monthly outreach to an elderly, disabled family. The Little People project volunteers help upkeep facilities, deliver cleaning supplies, food, and medicine to the home of  this family. This program is an opportunity to exemplify the love of Christ to a family in need.