Welcome to Casa Mis Sueños

We are a christ-centered organization that provides opportunities for restoration, education, and empowerment to at-risk woman and children, especially those exposed to sexual exploitation. Our programs cultivate personal development, freedom, love, and Kingdom justice.

Why "Created for Freedom"?

The founders of Casa Mis Sueños are from Guatemala, whose national bird is the Quetzal. These birds can not survive in captivity, and for that, we say that they are created for freedom. Like the bird, we believe that everyone is created to live in freedom! We believe that people are not products for sale and that everyone deserves the opportunity and support to transform their lives when they have felt trapped before. 
¡Eres Libre Para Soñar! "You are free to dream!" written on a light pole in the red light district of Quito. The District of Life team is intentional to pray and declare life in this zone.

Our Vision

Our mentorship orject is designed to help the women develop social and emotional maturitiy needed to survive.
Our vision is to be an organization that sets a precedent for holistic transformation in our society, creating safe spaces in Ecuador for the vulnerable and exploited to be restored & thrive. 

This creates an environment in where they can dream and follow the desires of their hearts, so they can reach their God-given potential. Through professional counseling, specialized training, and work opportunities, they can re-enter society as whole, healthy, and capable women, leaders, friends, and mothers.